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Specially Curated Wind Down Playlists for Your Self-Care Sessions

Specially Curated Wind Down Playlists for Your Relaxation Sessions. Quiet Nights, Getaway, Romantic Wind Down Sessions.


Sometimes all that's missing from a much-needed self-care session is the perfect playlist to go along with the occasion. Luckily, at Nusa Prana, we've got your back. Here, we've created some Spotify playlists for all sorts of occasions to help you relax. From Quiet Nights to Getaways to Romantic Evenings, we've got your self-care mood music covered. 

1. Cozy Nights Wind Down Playlist

This is the perfect playlist for when you want to spend a night in and unwind from the stresses of the day with some jazzy tunes and a warm bath. 

Created to accompany an at-home spa experience, this playlist is the best friend to the Bath Buddy Gift Set. As you set down in the bath with your Bath Buddy – bath bomb fizzling, fragrance blooming, flower petals floating – the Cozy Nights Playlist provides a wonderful jazzy backdrop to your de-stressing soak. Bring along a glass of wine, if that's your cup of tea.


2. The Getaway Wind Down Playlist

A getaway can be just as good when it's mental, rather than physical. This playlist was designed to help you get away from the headspace of those bad day, working-from-home Monday jujus. Take a mental vacation with this Getaway Wind Down Playlist, on us. 


3. Romantic Evening Wind Down Playlist

The perfect accompaniment for a romantic evening with your special someone. We're all about promoting connection, and sometimes all you need is to wind down with your partner to mutually de-stress.

Light some candles, lather on some oils, and press play to set the mood.


With love,

Nusa Prana