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Krista Wiryomartono

Hello! I’m Krista, and I started Nusa Prana Home Living out of my love of handmade, personalized gifts and passion for crafting. As an architectural designer, my profession drives me to continually reflect on how our spaces impact our wellbeing. Together with my sister Rahma, we decided to create sustainable, all-natural products that promote harmony in our space of sanctuary: the home.  

Initially, this project began with the desire to capture childhood memories of Indonesia in scent. My grandmother’s house in Jakarta was our place of gathering, and it nestled cozily between her fragrant tropical gardens of tuberose, orchids, roses, and jasmine. Nusa Prana is an ode to the scents I associate with grandma, and childhood memories of Southeast Asia. 

Each piece is thoughtfully designed, with careful attention given to its fragrance blend and how it will fit into your home. We can’t wait for you to try these products, able to be personalized just for you!

With love, 

Krista + Rahma 


Ontario Made / Fabriqué en Ontario