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How to Repurpose Nusa Prana Packaging

Bath Buddy Kit: Recycling, Composting, Repurposing
Minimize your environmental impact with this visual guide to recycling, composting, and repurposing Nusa Prana packaging.


Repurpose the glass jars that that come with our Floral Soak Bath Salts and Scented Soy Candles! Once the contents of the glass jars are finished, give a jar a good rinse and feel free to put it to other uses. 

You could use the glass jar to store knick knacks, dry herbs, or office items.


Our Gift Sets are cushioned with aspen, a natural material that's 100% compostable. Divert some waste from the landfill by putting the aspen aside with your other organic waste. 


Most of our packaging is made from cardboard, which can be easily recycled instead of tossed into the trash. Toss the cardboard into the recycling bin, alongside your other paper products!